Sunday, May 23, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Sorry to all 7 or 8 of my loyal readers for an eternal absence (by blog standards, anyway) - I have just finished the busiest time I've had in my life since graduation last May. In the past five weeks, I moved out of home and into my own apartment (WalkScore is still 0, unfortunately), traveled to Providence, Upstate New York, and South Florida, was a groomsman in the wedding of two of my closest friends, and I have been tutoring math and SAT prep four days a week after work. I have also been working on an article for Living Urbanism, the next volume of which will be published sometime in July.

But with all that said, there is no excuse for letting my blog go for so long. I will be on the lookout for good articles and posts over the next few days and will hopefully come up with some ideas for posts of my own. For tonight, you can check out this enjoyable video that puts a new spin on "traffic".


  1. my walk score is 5.. only because we have parks and schools walking distance.

  2. My apartment in Little Rock scored a 60... we just won't tell WalkScore that the steep topography makes the .25mi to the coffee shop into a 1.3mi walk.