Thursday, August 13, 2009

Awesome Project

Every now and then you found a project that really makes you smile and have hope for the future of urbanism.

This Sacramento Railyards project looks absolutely awesome. It has everything an urbanist could want to start: abandoned but very usable historic buildings, a brownfield/infill site, adjacency to downtown, and an economy ready to grow again (how many LEED credits do we have already?) Even better, Sacramento is building a new transit hub just across the tracks from this project.

But what really made me like the project was its plan:

This plan is smart, compact, and easy to understand - because it is a grid that actually cites the exact urban fabric (even the scale!) of downtown. Unlike many newer projects with all sorts of funky twists in the roads, odd-shaped plazas, and streets that never run for more than a few blocks, this plan is actually good. It doesn't try to be anything more than a warped grid, and that is certainly commendable. It even includes a "Regent Street"-type avenue with a gentle curve that, if done right architecturally, could become something really special.

Bravo to this one.

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